What is Cyber Stalking
12 May

What is Cyber Stalking

Cyberstalking is harassment carried out over the internet. It involves using electronic means including the internet to stalk and harass an individual or a group of people or an organization also. The Cyberstalks use electronic communication such as email or Instant messaging (IM) or messages posted on different websites.

Types of cyberstalking:

  1. Gender based stalking: It includes rape threads and various types of other violence also such as posting of the victim’s personal and sensitive information on different social media platforms.
  2. Stalking by strangers: The Cyberstalks can be either stranger to a victim or there can be former/present relationship.
  3. Intimate partners: The harassers or the stalkers may send repeated threatening and insulting e-mails to their victims. And the attackers or the stalkers may also use internet to search, research and compile personal and sensitive information about the victim, to use in order to harass him or her.
  4. Email stalking: Stalkers send many hates; obscene or threatening e-mails and they also send viruses and spam.
  5. Internet stalking: The stalkers or the attackers spread rumours or they track victims on the web. And their aim of spreading rumours would be to slender the victim.


How to prevent ourselves:

  • Never reveal your home address to strangers or anyone.
  • Conduct an internet search using your name and phone number.
  • Never give out your social Security number.
  • If you’re breaking your relationship with a partner, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend then reset every single password which you’ve shared with them.
  • Be suspicious of any incoming emails, phone calls or text messages that ask your identifying information.

    Stay Safe!

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