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After the Covid-19 lockdown, we all have become dependent on the Internet to perform day to day activities from Daily Classes/Lectures, Shopping, Banking, Gaming, Jobs and So on. According to the NCRB's 2020 report, it states that 44,546 cases of cyber crimes were registered in 2019 as compared to 28,248 in 2018. The number of cybercrime incidents rised manifold after the Covid-19 lockdown. It has been observed that many cyber incidents are not being reported due to a lack of awareness and non-availability of local support systems. In 2020 alone, more than 2.9 Lakhs Digital Banking Cyber Security related issues were registered according to Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In) report. It has become very important today to educate and aware all sections of society about the safe usage of the Internet and banking.



Impact Created

  1. Online Cyber Safety Training where 50,000+ people benefitted
    (Goal is to reach 2,00,000 People)
  2. Online Cyber Crime Awareness Session where a total of 21 sessions delivered
    (Goal is to deliver 300 online sessions)
  3. Offline Session where 6 offline sessions conducted in the remote schools of Poorrvanchal area of Bihar
    (Goal is to conduct 400 offline sessions)
  4. Capacity Building Training where more than 150 volunteers were empowered (Goal is to empower minimum 1,000 volunteers)

Goal to Accomplish

  1. Goal is to reach 2,00,000 People through Online Cyber Safety Training

  2. Goal is to deliver 300 Online Sessions on Cyber Crime Awareness

  3. Goal is to conduct 400 Offline Sessions/Workshops in the remote schools and Colleges of Delhi, UP and Bihar

  4. Goal is to Empower minimum 1000 students volunteers through Capacity Building Training Programme

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Help us to Accomplish our goal.

The purpose of the Cyber Security awareness is to develop essential competencies and introduce them to new techniques and methods that have been introduced to tackle possible security issues. Using a range of learning methods, cyber safety awareness training helps to raise awareness of Cyber Security threats, reduce the risks associated with cyber attacks. A single donation from you could help thousands of people. So, we request you to come forward and help us achieve our goals.

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