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About CollCom NGO

What is CollCom ?

CollCom is a College-Community network, a youth driven non-profitable registered organization, established to strengthen the National Service Scheme (NSS) units, NYKS, and other youth led organizations in +2 schools and colleges across the country. It provides a platform and support to youth to work closely with community or villages such as street children, migrated people, slums, orphanage, oldage, safai-karamchari, divyang, drugs abused people, jail inmates, and farmers to understand their problems and needs, and involve themselves in the problem solving process, so that life of these people or villagers can be raised at higher material and moral level.

How can i join CollCom ?

You need to click on Join Us and the register. 

What is Cyber Sanskar ?

What is Cyber Sanskar ?

Cyber Sanskar is a flagship project of CollCom to create awareness about internet crime and safety precautions tips.

What it does ?

Under this project, we conduct online or offline talks, training and workshops on Cyber Crime and Security in schools and colleges. We also offer internship and volunteering opportunities for the youth (School and College) to work with us in understanding the popular cybercrime and its safety precautions tips and involve themselves in creating awareness. We have also launched an Online Self Guided Training Program on Cyber Crime Awareness and Safety Precautions where more than 52,000 people across the country participated so far and benefited with the safety precautions tips. You can book the session for your school/college by requesting us on or call/WhatsApp on 9868189955.

What is Online Cyber Training Mega Campaign ?

Under the flagship project Cyber Sanskar of CollCom, CollCom has come up with an very Innovative, Short and Crisp self guided online Cyber Training programme to reach each corner of our country, irrespective of distances we have, to create awareness about Cyber Crime. We launched our first Online Cyber Training programme in the month of July 2020 during covid-19 pandemic, where more than 52000 people enrolled in the training programme and got benefited in the last two years. With time, the pattern of cyber crime has also changed. We have redesigned cyber training and made it more innovative, simple and very informative according to the current ongoing trends of cyber crime. This online cyber training portrays the different issues of prevalent cybercrime using textual contents, stories, short awareness videos and case studies of real-life examples with multiple choice Quiz Questions and Answers. The average time required to complete the online cyber training is 20 minutes . Beginners can take up-to 45 minutes to 1 hour time to complete the training. We would like to encourage you to please carefully read all the information provided in the training and watch all the video till the end for better understanding and then attempt the MCQ questions. Once you submit the training, a score card will be displayed and an E-Certificate will be issued on your registered email id.

How to Associate with CollCom ?
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